Research and Development

Our Cable Life Simulation Software Significantly Reduces Development Time

Dyden maintains a database of cable materials and specifications of previous cable designs and tests. Using this data, we can simulate the lifetime of a cable with a high degree of accuracy, greatly reducing development time and evaluation of specifications when creating a new cable design.

R & D Software

Dyden has been developing cables for over 60 years and we combine our cultivated experience with cutting edge technological development to develop new products that solve the complex challenges of our customers.

To meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated robot technology, the demand for robot cables has also become more sophisticated. As the world’s top manufacturer of robot cable, Dyden continues to meet this demand with products including highly flexible cable such as the RMFEV designed to last severe torsion and small bending radii as well as the Rmadylo bonded cable with built in blocks eliminating the need for a cable track. Dyden strives to reduce our impact on the environment and be environmentally friendly. To this extent we established our own plastic compound manufacturing company in China (Shanghai) and have commercialized halogen-free materials developed in house that are flame retardant, high flexible and comply with UL standards of non-PVC. We promote environmental conservation activities to meet every demand and usage of our customers, and work on the production and development of environmentally friendly products.

R & D Certificate and Facilities

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